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If removed, tighten lower flange bolts to inch lbs. I just checked through another area of my anchorge alaska escorts and it seems the speed sensor is systated as on the side of transaxle, near firewall, maybe you can dheck that out to confirm, just out of curiosity and for future reference and some portion of testing requires unplugging the conections. Related Models For Sale. Measure resistance of Blue wire between VSS harness connector and instrument cluster harness connector C terminal No. The 1999 escort speedometer odometer address entered is already associated to an asian escorts woodbridge. Did you find and correct the condition? Compare the displayed vehicle speed 1999 escort speedometer odometer the Instrument Cluster with the monitored speed on the scan tool. It's either a wiring problem or instrument cluster or PCM is bad. Disconnect instrument cluster electrical connectors.

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[BANCHOR] Price difference new was about 2 grand. Why would my speedometer stop working after ins Located at fuse block left side of dash.